Blog Planning – Scheduling & More

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2017)

I’ve been sick. I have not felt like writing lately due to this, but during that time, I have been looking into blog planning. More specifically, how to get more interaction on the site. I have read on countless other sites, you must have a schedule. I have completed the Its A Lovely Life 5-day crash course, and 10K challenge already, and I am in their Facebook groups. This is one of the tips I see all the time. Lately, I have been posting what I want when I want. We have also been primarily posting about Travel, and ignoring our other two niches, Family and Love.

Blog Planning – Our Schedule

So, we have three main niches that Odysseys With Love covers. Travel, Family, and Love. This is a lifestyle blog, but I want our readers to know when and where they can expect to find new content. This will also let us build upon our post and have a stash of post ready to go out.

Travel Tuesdays & Thursdays

Our first niche is Travel. After all, we are a wanderlust loving family, and we are always up to something. (Unless one of us is sick) Tuesdays and Thursdays are when you can expect to see the post that falls under our travels. These can include, food, full-time RVing, Gear, our trips, tips, and tricks. If it deals with travel in any way, you will find it posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That means you will find two posts about travel per week.

Family Friday

We are a family, blended maybe, but nonetheless a family. I always have stories to tell about the girls. I also have a lot to share about making and saving money. Post about the kids, and recipes (which I have a lot of, just need photos now.)

Lovely Sunday

I love James, and our story is a good one. I want to let you into our world of ups and downs. How we keep our love growing. Dating – Ideas, cheap dates, things to do, dating as a family. Moving in together. James and I have yet to fight, and I find that amazing. We want to share our story.

What else is being planned?

I posted a while back a, How We Earn Money With Swagbucks post. I am currently turning that into an email series, with more details and information. I am also creating a Facebook group to go with it and help others learn to SWAG. Join us at the Saving Money With OWL and I will be posting about the 5 Day Crash Course in the next few days. We will be posting swagcodes and moneymakers when we see them.