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A Millionaire Mindset and The Law Of Attraction

A Millionaire Mindset and The Law Of Attraction

I’ve talked about the Law Of Attraction for some time now and have even mentioned a few times that I have dreamed about winning the lottery. I have been doing a lot of research into achieving both of these. I have started to read and watch videos on both The Law of Attraction and having a Millionaire Mindset.

But, let’s first talk about what I am reading or watching in regards to a Millionaire Mindset. What is this? How Do I achieve this. What Am I doing? First, yet I am still playing the lottery while using The Law of Attraction to help me along the way. But, until I am ready mentally and physically, I know that the universe will not line these things up for me. 

What Am I Doing To Achieve A Millionaire Mindset?

First, I am broadening my mind. I am no longer reading my romance books, but books that will help me grow and increase my learning. I am also a member of *Skillshare  and have been using this platform to broaden my knowledge. 

I am getting myself and my daughter fit. Last week, I took my daughter to the doctor and we found out her current weight. I was ashamed of myself, not of her for what has happened. She had gained 30+ lbs since she broke her knee cap. One of the channels on youtube I watch regularly is Alux and one of the things that I hear quite often is that its not just taking care of your wealth but taking care of your health too. So, We now have a local gym membership (and its two for the price of one!) and we both plan on turning our bodies around. We are sharing this journey on Instagram so be sure to keep an eye out for us on there! We are going to be using #motherdaughterfitnessjourney there and will have lots of videos and photos in our stories too.

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  • The weekend has always been the hardest part weight loss. It’s easy to change eating habits when you are in a 5 day routine. This is the first weekend of changing my eating habits and exercise routines after months of doing whatever i want. Now with this cold weather (25 degrees) i feel that it’s very easy to just eat whatever is in the fridge or pantry. Working out will be a challenge because all I have ever done is just stay in bed/sofa and watch Netflix. This is my first weekend with a new purpose. I need to be strong and have will power so my daughter knows that anything is possible as long as you are committed and dedicated. #motherdaughterworkouts #motherdaughterbond #motherdaughterfitness #motherdaughterfitnessjourney #motherdaughterfitnessbuddies #motherdaughterfitnessteam #motherdaughterfitnesschallenge #wearethemotherdaughtergoals #werock #wekickass #weightlossjourney #gorditastruggles #familyfitness #lowcarbs #lowcalories
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  • Our relationship knows no ends. We will do ANY and EVERYthing together. So when she invited me to her morning TRX class of course I said, "Yes!" (After chickening out last Friday 😕) She beat me in EVERY fitness challenge, and like everything else she pushes me to be better and to want more for myself. Now if I could just find a sponsor to cover that $199 a month I could add it to my fitness journey. #motherdaughter #mymomismybestfriend #myrideordie #myfitnesspartner #yesshesmymomnotmysister #myheart #thewindbeneathmywings #motherdaughterfitnessjourney #weworkouttogether #motivation #determination #mother #daughter #ebony #naturalhair #wecute

I am looking at different avenues for this blog and all of our social media platforms to generate income for us. Did you know that a blog doesn’t generate income unless you click on one of the ads on a page? Or shop a amazon or affiliate link somewhere on a webpage? I started the Odysseys Creations to generate income, I own my own photography company, and I HAVE to learn how to market these businesses or else, I am just wasting money on these passions of mine. 

A Millionaire Mindset and The Law Of Attraction

Have you learned anything about the Law of Attraction? As I learn more I am planning to share it with you, but one of the things that I have read in the book *Practical Law of Attraction, which is available for those that have Kindle Unlimited, states that everything is energy and even our thoughts are energy. If we put enough thought into something, they become a physical energy. 

So what does this mean? If I put enough thought and action into my Millionaire thought process, that it will become a physical thing in my life. But what am I doing to help this? Once I am using the blog here to physically put my thoughts out into the universe. I write it down all the time, I even have what I am doing the minute I manifest a lottery win in my life. 

What to Know What I Am Doing To Keep My Millionaire Mindset?

I write it down, I have a vision board, and so many other things that I am doing, but I have recently started to write down the following things at least once a day. 

  • I Am A Millionaire
  • I Will Soon Be A Billionaire
  • I Am A Large Lottery Winner
  • I Am Wealthy
  • I Am Healthy
  • I Am Happy
  • I Am Loved
  • I  Have Abundance 

I am also wanting to put this out in the universe. 

I won a large lottery and I am a millionaire, I am making great investments turning my millions into billions. I am traveling the world with my family documenting our journey and producing mini episodes of our adventures on YouTube. I own a yacht and house at Disney Worlds Golden Oak Community. I share my wealth and knowledge with those around me that need it. I am a millionaire and employee a crew that is more like family than employees. I am healthy, with a fit sexy body that I am proud of. My family is healthy and Happy and we have no cares in the world. 

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A Millionaire Mindset and The Law Of Attraction

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