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22 Plus Ways to Lowering Your Light Bill!

This morning, we were looking at our light bill and noticed it was time to renew our services. We are current customers with Stream, and have been since 2007. After shopping around, I knew that the new plans on Steam were the best plans that were available in our area. 

A while back I wrote an article on 10 Easy Ways to Saving Money on Utilities,  but I would like to focus on Lowering You Light Bill. 

22 Plus Ways To Lower Your Light Bill and Earn Free Energy With Stream.


1. Sign Up For Stream! http://odysseyswithlove.com/Stream by signing up with my link, you will have the best options to match your budget! Even after shopping around with other energy companies in our area, Stream had the best rates available! 

2. Turn things off! As I said in the 10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Utilities, this seems like a no-brainer. Leaving  anything plugged into a wall outlet still uses energy, unplug them! 

3. Find Other Ways To Cook – Again, mentioned in the 10 Easy Ways, cooling a house down in the summer months is already hard on your light bill, take your cooking to the outdoors. I use my Ninja Cooking System outside, as it does heat up our house also. 

4. Wash large pots and pans by hand. This way you are not taking up space in the dishwasher and can do dishes less often. 

5. Only do full loads of Laundry – I never wash a few items. On laundry day, I always have full loads, and wash in cold water. 

6. Keep the lint trap clean! Your clothes will dry faster. I clean mine out after each load. 

7. Use a Cloths Line – In the summertime, the dryer will heat up your house. Why not use the free drying power of the sun? Set up a Clothesline and reap in the benefits of sun dried clothes. 

8. Never Mix Lightweight and Heavy Clothes Together. Dry towels by themselves, jeans and heavy pants together, and lightweight items by themselves. Better yet, use a clothes line to dry towels and heavy items. 

9. Drying in the Winter Months? Divert the heat from your dryer to warm your home. 

10. Keep your deep freezer FULL – I wont lie, this one I have always forgotten about. I have recently stopped using our deep freezer since we haven’t had enough to keep it full. 

11. Use Ceiling Fans – Counter-Clockwise in the summer to push the air down, and clockwise in winter. 

12. Use Energy Efficient Items and Bulbs – They may be expensive at first, but they can pay off after time. Bulbs pay off sooner, and they last longer!

13. Programmable Thermostat – They really are not that expensive! Steam even has one FREE one when you select a the Smart 30 Plan. Learn more using our link above or watching the video below.

14. Change Your Air Filter. Changing your air filter often will make sure that your air conditioner and heater doesn’t have to work harder than it has to. 

15. Don’t waste the Oven Heat! In winter months, open the oven door to after you finished cooking. 

16. Have a Fireplace? Use it to help heat your home in the winter months. Make sure to have your damper properly closed when it is not in use. This way you are not loosing hot air and the cold air isn’t coming in. 

17Keep the temperature at the lowest comfortable temperature in winter. I always make sure that my mom is comfortable! She needs cooler air than the rest of use, so we don’t need that much heat in the winter. 

18. Use only Enough Air Conditioning in the Summer to keep comfortable. This is a hard one for us, Mom has to stay cool and have cool air in the summer months, but if you can keep your house a little warmer and still be comfortable, keep it up a little higher. 

19. Weather Stripping Around Doors and windows – It helps keep the air in your home from escaping, or cold air from coming in. 

20. Make sure outlets are covered! This is something that I need to do, make sure outlets are covered especially on outside walls. 

21. Space Heaters. Since the house is always colder that others homes, I use a space heater in one room, my office. It is cheaper to heat one room than the whole house. 

22. Heated Mattress Pad – This is something that I plan on investing in. Unlike the rest of the family, I can’t stand the cold. A heated mattress pad would work out great in my bedroom. I am also looking at doing this for the girls too. 

More Savings With Stream

I wanted to share one more thing. With Stream, I am able to earn FREE Energy! YES! FREE ENERGY! By signing up with Stream energy, I am qualified for the Free Energy Program, and so are you! http://odysseyswithlove.com/Stream When you sign up, you can also add the free energy program to your account. After you have 15 signups under your link, you can start to receive free energy credits. Steams take the average customers amount and takes it off of your bill. That is a MAJOR Savings! 

22 Plus Ways To Lower Your Light Bill and Earn Free Energy With Stream.


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