2018 Jayco Precept 36T

Last month we visited the Southwest RV Supershow and saw three RV that we loved in different price ranges. The more we think about it the more we have fallen in love with the Jayco Precept 36T. So what is holding us back from purchasing our first RV?

We will be buying the Jayco Precept 36T

We do plan on buying the Precept, we are just getting all of our ducks in a row. My mother’s health is rapidly declining, and unless we place her in a nursing facility, we need to stay somewhat close. We will be staying in Texas, or short road trips and camping trips until a decision is made about her health and needs. This also means that we may be able to save up money to remodel the RV if we do not purchase new. We have added our search to the IFTTT app that will email us whenever a Jayco Precept 36T shows up on the market. Right now there are two on craigslist.

Why do We love the Precept?

Let’s take a look at the floor plan and a few pictures and video.


It is a Class A motorhome, and it is gas, hopefully, in the future, we will be able to afford a diesel, but the gas is within our price range. The 36T model has a bunkhouse and optional bunk lift. This gives us the option the have three sleeping areas for the children. It also has two full baths. With a tween and two smaller children between James and I, we will need the two full bathrooms. The bunks also have separate TV’s for each bunk.

What do we not love about the Precept?

I, personally HATE the colors that they offer. The ones that we normally find are not the black and blue version. So if in the long run, we would want a new paint job done on it, and we would love for our brand colors of the blues, purples, and whites. Then we come to the two interior colors they offer. the darker shades above are ok. I would like to find an older one that we would fill more comfortable remodeling. We would also have to work on the master door, and making the bunks a little more friendly to our tween and the little one.

The interior I would like to be brighter, I love white with accent colors, again our brand colors. For the overhead bunk life, we would need to see how we could reupholster that into the new colors and make it where it can be more private depending on which child wants the life bed.

The bedroom for James and I, well again I want to remodel it. I love Beauty and The Beast, and James loves Star Wars. Now I am just trying to figure out how to tie them together for a bedroom look. Chewie and Bell?

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