Remodeling a Vintage RV Airstream CAMPING RV AND SKOOLIE RV Remodel TRAVEL 

Remodeling A Vintage RV

Last week we talked about our dilemma in choosing between a new RV, Remodeling an RV, and building a Skoolie. After the family talked it out, we are choosing to remodel an RV, but not just any RV. We are wanting to remodel a Vintage Airstream. So, let’s talk about a few things in this post of not just the Vintage RV, but Airstreams, remodel tips, inspiration and so much more. Why a Vintage RV? And Why The Airstream? First, lets talk about why we are wanting to remodel a…

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DIY Home Decor | His and Her Vows

Christmas Morning, James and I stood in front of our Christmas Tree and said a few words that will forever be imprinted in my mind. I knew I wanted to take these words that we had thought long and hard over and turn them into something that we will always be able to see and look back on. The Printable I made it easy for those that do not have Photoshop to recreate this printable by going to Canva, a free designing app. Its available for computer access and for…

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Six Flags Birthday

I still can not believe that we just finished celebrating Skyler’s 13th birthday. Skyler’s happy place is out at Six Flags Over Texas. In the past I have talked about our day trips, upgrading our passes, and 5 awesome tips for six flags. So I want to talk about Birthdays at Six Flags at the DFW park.  Having a Six Flags Birthday First, Six Flags, at least the Over Texas park in DFW is not like Disney World or Disneyland! Do not go into the park thinking that special things will happen. We did…

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RV or A Skoolie | The Dilemma

ne thing I keep going back and forth on is are we going with an RV, RV Remodel, or a Skoolie. This has been an issue since we started to dream about our traveling plans. I keep going back and forth with what I want to do in the long run. There are pro’s and con’s to both of these and I really need to work this out. So maybe someone out on the vast internet can help us if they have done these. Purchasing a New RV Our first option…

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Texas Campgrounds

Last Summer we went camping down at Padre Island National Seashore. I wasn’t sure if this was something that we would enjoy, so I didn’t go all out on our camping gear. We found out that not only James and I loved camping, but so did the girls! As we are starting to plan our family trips for this year, I started to look for campgrounds near and far. Today I am sharing with you our bucket list of campgrounds that we want to start visiting. Head over to the State…

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37 Winter Date Night Ideas

Baby its cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your love life with your spouse has to be cold also over the next few months. We have put together a list of 37 Winter Date Night Ideas from cheap and inexpensive at-home dates to romantic carriage rides.  Let us know if you have tried any of these date ideas or if you have other date night ideas to keep you and your honey warm and cozy this winter. Go ice skating. Bake muffins or cupcakes together. Spend the evening relaxing by…

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Working With My Planner

Right before Christmas, I picked up a Day Designer for BlueSky planner from Target to try and get a few things organized in my daily life and for the blog. I knew I wanted to start getting everything down so I would not forget something that needed to be done. I loved the weekly planner and it fits in my purse perfectly for on the go. As I started to fill out information in the planner I came into a snag. I want to be able to plan details every…

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Dallas CityPASS

This upcoming summer we will be visiting all of the attractions that the Dallas CityPASS offers. I have been to four out of the six options over the last 30 years and three of them in the last five years. So why am I writing about this now? Dallas CityPASS boast that they will save you money when you use the pass versus paying for each attraction individually. Perot Museum of Nature and Science This is one location that I have yet to go to yet. The Perot Museum features…

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Happy New Years

First, I want to say Happy New Years Everyone! It is that time of year that everyone starts to make their resolutions about becoming a new you, making your life better, and so on. I have failed at my resolutions every year so I am going to make it a LOT easier for myself this year. Happy New Year, New Me! This year, I want to start to complete a new 30-day challenge each month. One of them I will be trying to complete each month until it becomes ingrained…

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Starting the Teen Years | Happy Birthday Skyler

I can not believe it has been almost 13 years since she was born. In early January, Skyler will be turning 13 years old, and I will officially be a mom of a teenager. Skyler is slowly starting to show who she will be as a teen, and I have to say that I could not be more proud of my daughter. As we are Starting the Teen Years with Skyler, I wanted to share a few things. Skyler is my exact duplicate in appearance but when it comes to personality,…

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